Communication, Media& Entertainment

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are building an agile enterprise platform that reduces cost and complexity while bringing speed and leverage to the organization. This approach includes the use of global communications industry assets, capabilities and experience to ensure existing systems are optimized and integration is managed effectively. This pathway encompasses a proven planning methodology, a transformation road map, and a comprehensive program management.

Our innovative and custom-focused solutions help wireline, wireless, broadband and cable service providers redefine their markets with solutions that help them become more agile, reduce fixed operations cost, and introduce next generation services. Our instant access to industry solutions, best in breed technology and resources that know your business well are some differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors.

Our services include Applications development and maintenance, Business Process Outsourcing, Product engineering, and Customer Support. Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd provides end-to-end product engineering and R&D services to the Mobile, Telecom and Networking industry. Our solutions and services to product companies range from analysis, design, and development to software testing in the segments of switching, data communication and network management.

This proven approach helps CSPs transform themselves faster. It is designed to bring organizations speed and flexibility and drive successive waves of new business value. It succeeds by drawing on the tools and resources of the EDS Agility Alliance partnership, and by delivering an end-to-end service management capability to manage growth at the edge.


  • Provide end-to-end solutions spanning operations to customer management solutions
  • Maintenance of legacy billing products and co-development of convergent billing products
  • Network management and element management systems