Financial Services & Insurance

Financial services and insurance companies around the world are increasingly outsourcing to combat shrinking margins, higher claims disbursement and increasing competition. Technology and BPO outsourcing engagements in financial services are fast becoming more complex and challenging as companies are looking to transfer risk management and compliance to third parties. There is a dire need for solutions that offer integrated, secure access to a financial services institution's products and services and systems that track compliance and bring down operational costs.

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd has an impressive financial services practice built through continual investment in domain and business expertise. Our services are focused on Retail Banking, Credit Cards, Investment Banking/Brokerage, Wholesale Banking and Insurance, and are designed to help customers with channel integration and world-class portal development. These services improve customer interactions, strengthen workflow management & business intelligence services, and modernize legacy applications to support real-time, flexible business processes.

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd Financial Services feature:
  • Domain expertise in customer service, account activation, cross-sell/up-sell, collections and back-office support
  • Extensive experience in eCare and multi-channel integration across web, branch and phone
  • Global best practices in process migration
  • MframE™ - channel integration framework
  • MpacT™ - business process management platform
  • Security and provisioning solutions
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery