The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry worldwide is witnessing rapid changes. While the Pharmaceutical and Biotech segment continues to be affected by the increase in the number of new chemical entities per R&D dollar spent, the Medical and Life Sciences devices segment is moving towards open standards, interoperability, informatics and electronic patient records.

Healthcare providers and payers are contending with complex industry regulations, increasing costs and declining reimbursements. All these changes are driving improvements in IT and process effectiveness. Consolidation, escalating service levels and diminishing margins are also spurring payers to outsource data entry, claims processing and related functions.

Our Presence in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Today, Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd is the preferred service provider for many of the leading companies in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry. We offer product engineering services and claims processing solutions through healthcare platforms. Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd acquisition of Eldorado Computing Inc. (currently known as Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd Healthcare) in the year 2005 strengthened our footprint in the healthcare insurance and payment market.

We offer the following IT competencies in the Healthcare industry:

  • Enterprise Application Integration using Service Oriented Architecture
  • Portal Design/Migration, Content Management, Usability and Security
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Maintenance and Testing
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence

We provide product engineering services for companies in the OEM instrumentation space such as those in clinical diagnostics and medical devices, life sciences discovery, development and production scale instruments, and environmental monitoring instruments. We also provide solutions for the pharmaceutical, agri-biotech and the food & beverage industries, whether in R&D, manufacturing or sales and marketing.

Our information management solutions to the healthcare industry include solutions for hospital information management systems, intensive care and critical care information management systems, radiology and oncology information management systems, ambulatory and paramedical information management systems, and laboratory information management systems.

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a seasoned and proven provider of claims management solutions. We provide claims processing services and contact center services in the in the healthcare insurance space. Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd' healthcare BPO platform, HEALTHpac efficiently integrates plan design, provider contracting, eligibility, claims, case management, customer service, online servicing and reporting - all in real-time. Designed as a fully integrated software product, HEALTHpac enables clients to achieve in excess of 70% auto-adjudication, thereby resulting in increased efficiency.

Proven administrative competencies include
  • Flexible benefit plan design for all lines of business
  • Comprehensive, multi-tiered facility and physician contract pricing
  • Eligibility and billing administration
  • Embedded claims editing to include service history
  • Integrated utilization management
  • Real-time, web-based servicing for members, employers, providers and brokers HIPAA compliance

Life Science

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd strong presence in Life Sciences is spread in diverse areas like analytical instrumentation, algorithm development, combinatorial chemistry informatics, visualization tools, micro array analysis and plant genomic data analysis. The unique 'Virtual Extension' outsourcing model of Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd brings to the customer a complete offshore suite of services in a secure environment that ensures confidentiality.

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd has delivered numerous projects in the Life Sciences sector for global technology leaders
  • Device drivers and algorithms for Life Sciences instruments
    We design and develop front end applications to control the micro array experiments, develop algorithms for noise reduction and image management, develop device drivers for the Micro arrays, and do automated testing for the micro array applications.
  • Custom applications for analytical instruments
    We develop embedded solutions for medical equipments and analytical instruments, device driver development, enhancement/reengineering of applications, instrument integration services, and automated testing for existing applications.
  • OEM components for LC/MS/GC
    We are an outsourcing partner for product and co-product development of instruments including LC/MS, liquid handlers and other chromatograph devices.
  • Biological data capture, warehousing and management
    Some of the services provided in this area include Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) for building data warehouses, data replication, data synchronization, cleansing and migration of databases and enterprise application integration through a data approach.
  • Compliance services - 21 CFR 11, GAMP, CDISC
    Our established set of services provide compliance to the various pharma applications. Tool development for agricultural biotechnology data analysis Our offerings include design and development of applications to support the existing bioinformatics' tools and frameworks, maintenance of applications and databases, development and maintenance of Lotus Notes based applications, application development of hand-held devices for crop breeders and web enabling the existing applications.
  • Clinical trial data management
    Our Clinical Data Management System and Document Management System store the data securely. We develop software to store the document in the database and also provide solutions for automating the handling of SOPs.