We combine deep industry insight and technical innovation to deliver high-value business transformation expertise and IT services for manufacturers of every type. We have extensive experience in all manufacturing disciplines - from engineering and design to digital manufacturing operations to sales and aftermarket services. By relying on our capabilities, manufacturers can focus on their key business issues and the products and services that distinguish them in the marketplace.

Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd supports a spectrum of manufacturing clients in industries like Automotive, hi-tech (peripherals, servers/desktops, consumer electronics, security software, mobile applications) and industrial areas. Winstone Solutions Pvt.Ltd helps manufacturing companies improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance quality, and increase flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Enterprise – What we do?

Marketing & Sales

i. Market analysis
ii. Portfolio Planning
iii. Create product / service demand
iv. Sell products / services
v. Marketing and Sales analytics

Product Development, Engineering

i. Refine plan and define product / service
ii. Design and release product / service
iii. Validate product / service design to requirements
iv. Prepare and validate production environment
v. Prepare and validate in-service environment

Manufacturing Operations

i. Plan and schedule production
ii. Manager supply and inbound logistics
iii. Make or assemble product
iv. Fulfill production order

Supply Chain Management

i. Develop supply base
ii. Manage production support and materials
iii. Manage warehousing and distribution
iv. Conduct supplier aftermarket support

After market / Service Chain

i. Manage technical maintenance and engineering information
ii. Plan maintenance
iii. Perform maintenance/repair
iv. Manage services supply
v. Manage service contracts and warranty
vi. Analyze and report service and quality data

Enterprise Management

i. Provide administrative services
ii. Manage business
iii. Provide HR Support
iv. Provide Financial Support
v. Manage public affairs
vi. Provide legal counsel
vii. Provide IT & Communications

Our Capabilities & Competencies

  • Main Frame technologies (CICS, DB2, IMS DB/DC) and Non-mainframe technologies like Microsoft, Sun, ERP, Integration services, Business Intelligence etc.
  • Applications Support
  • Database Administration and Performance Tuning
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Relearning
  • Application Re-hosting
  • Process Redesign and Optimization
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Assessment and Migration Practice
  • Testing Practice